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We, Panoramic Myanmar Team are very sincerely honored and proud to be your trusted trip planner of your precious vacation traveling to Myanmar.

Being a valued client of Panoramic Myanmar Travels, We hereby would like to provide you all necessary travel tips before heading off to our country “ Myanmar ”formerly known as Burma provides a taste of travel in the Asia of yesteryear. Its relative lack of development in comparison to other more visited part of Asia is apparent and visitors should know and prepare accordingly those who are planning a visit to Myanmar may need to adjust some of usual travel habits. Here are some practical travel tips to help with your preparations and when you are getting around on the ground.

  1. Check travel requirements and Visa – Application process

Regarding the Visa-Application Process, Tourist E-Visa system would be available and launched since 1stSeptember 2014. All International Tourist who are determined to travel to Myanmar can obtain the entry visa through online. All entry Visa applied through online will be obtained within one week and must be used within three months of issued date and is valid for a visit of up to 28 days.

For more detail information for Visa- Application Process, Why not visit at

  1. Register travel details with your embassy

Letting your government know you are planning to visit any foreign country is good practice. For Myanmar, register your travel and contact details at your country’s embassy in Myanmar so that they can contact you in case of an emergency.

  1. Get travel insurance

Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers treatment in Myanmar and medical evaluation out of the country in case of emergency as repatriation can be very expensive.Also, speak to your doctor about your travels and seek advice on any vaccinations you may need, especially if you’re expecting to visit rural areas.

  1. Bring copies of your travel documents

Make sure to have a spare copy of your passport particulars, travel insurance policy, emergency contact numbers, travel visas and other important particulars on hand in case you need them. Keep these in your hotel safe and don’t forget to leave a copy with a friend or relative back home.

  1. Bring US dollars in mint condition.

Make sure they do not have any marks or folds otherwise you won’t be able to exchange them for kyat Myanmar Local currency)

  1. Wear comfortable clothes but be respectful of the Buddhist dress code.

This is especially true if you are planning to visit the Buddhist temples. It can get really hot in Myanmar so it’s important to wear light clothing, but for women in particular, it’s equally important to be properly covered up and decent.

  1. Wear footwear you can easily remove.

You’ll be walking around barefoot in the Buddhist temples and leaving your footwear by the entrance. Sandals or flip flops are probably the way to go.

  1. When taking a taxi, negotiate for the price first.

Taxis in Myanmar don’t have meters. Ask your guest house staff for an approximation of the cab fare for your intended destination.

  1. When on the road, patience is a virtue.

Traffic can get pretty bad, and some cabs do not have working air conditioning.

  1. The Use of Mobile Phone in Myanmar

For more than decade , SIM cards in Myanmar were quite expensive and difficult to obtain, but as of August 2014 cards sold by Private Telecommunication of  Ooredoo network and Telenor network have become generally available for a cheap K1,500. Cards work on a top-up basis, with K1000K3000K5000 and K10,000cards available. SIM cards and top-ups can be bought at numerous street-side retailers in downtown  Yangonand  Mandalay, as well as other larger towns and cities. Shops usually display this sign:

Ooredoo SIM cards are 3G mobile data enabled and standard SIM , micro SIM cards and nano SIM with internet package are available.

International roaming with a small number of western mobile networks is now possible in Myanmar; the situation is changing fast, so it is best to check with your operator. Some roaming services are available with Asian networks, including Thailand (AIS), Singapore (M1 and Singtel), Indonesia (Telkomsel) and Vietnam (Viettel). You may encounter a block on SMS text messaging even if you are able to make and receive calls.

Note that mobile network access is often patchy or non-existent in rural areas, but usually works well in towns.

Dialing codes-To make calls from Myanmar to another country, dial 00 then the international code for the country you are calling, then the local area code (minus the 0).

To make calls to Myanmar from abroad, dial your country’s international access code, then 95 and the local area code (minus the 0). Be warned that making calls to Myanmar can be difficult: calls will often not connect, particularly to numbers outside of Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw.

Internet Access –Given the lack of development in Myanmar, the availability of internet access is surprisingly widespread: you can find an internet café or hotel with wifi even in remote locations. However, internet speeds can be extremely slow, especially in rural areas.

Prices at internet cafes are usually around K500 per hour, although they may be higher outside cities. You can find free wifi at many restaurants and bars.

Due to bandwidth restrictions, internet speeds can change markedly according to demand through the day. Speeds are often quickest in the early morning. If you use Gmail and you are working or spending an extended period of time in Myanmar, it is worth downloading  Gmail Offline; this works much better than regular Gmail with slow connections, and also allows you to work offline.Previous government internet restrictions have

now been lifted, so people are free to access most websites and services – including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and so on.

  1. Money, Exchange and ATM’s

Brand new foreigner currency Bills One more thing to know and care is Foreigner Currency Matter that you all are highly advised to hold crisp , un-creased, unmarked, brand new dollar bills while travelling to Myanmar .Only four foreign currencies are widely accepted and can be exchanged at all authorized money changer . These foreigners curriencise come in range of US DOLLAR, EURO CURRENCY ,SINGAPOREDOLLAR AND THAI BATH . The rest of foreign currencies are not likely to be accepted and exchangeable in Myanmar.

Exchanging dollars to kyats –The best way to exchange recommended foreign currencies is at the authorized money changer which are widely available at Local Banks , Domestic Airports and all popular tourist spots. But It is advisable to refrain from using the money exchangers on the street who try to lure you with higher rates- it is said they cleverly short change you and unless you are willing to count your money three times , then it’s not worth the hassle .

ATM’s -There are true stories in Myanmar that a sporadic scattering of ATM machines are widely equipped drawing out kyat, there are machines at the airports and that can be found many in Myanmar (including at the most famous spot in town – the Shwedagon Paya) and Mandalay city centres, as well as in Nyaung U in Bagan. You might find ATM’s in the smaller towns, but don’t leave it this late to stock up on cash, just in case.

  1. When to use dollars and when to use kyats

Typically, US dollars are mainly used for paying for your accommodation and some forms of transport, such as internal flights. Everything else from food, street snacks, tuk tuks and guides are paid for in kyat. However, should you find yourself low on dollars, most locals are happy to except kyat instead

  1. What to take for your holiday to Myanmar?

  1. Flat walking shoes @ sandals.
  1. Hat & sunglasses.
  1. Swimming attire.
  1. Lightweight travel towel.
  1. Money belt.
  1. Lightweight waterproof coat or umbrella.
  1. Basic first aid kit.
  1. Alarm clock.
  1. Small torch ( flashlight ).
  1. Travel plug / international adapter.
  1. Women’s sanitary products.
  1. Ear plugs / Eyes Mask.
  1. Day pack and / or small back pack.
  1. Appropriate clothes for religious monuments.

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