Education Support Program

responsible travel

We are committed to support back to community where we work and operate. One of Our Cooperate Social Responsibility Program is our care to give the education to children who are definitely in need of support .

 Supporting the children to get an education, by means of providing new constructed schools and renovating existing classrooms, equipping libraries, providing water and sanitation facilities. Most importantly free education, uniforms, schools bags, stationary, as well as a hearty school meals throughout the day are the part of Education Support Program Of Panoramic Myanmar Charity Team “ Work Together –Grow Together – Care Together ”.


Still in country, some needy people living in remote areas of city or country are unable to provide quality of education to their children. Un-education or illiteracy may cause lack of knowledge and unemployment.


Education Support Program of Panoramic Myanmar Charity Team will help to provide basic needs to children go for school without any interruption. We provide books, school uniforms, note books, travel charges and health care. Hence  every one able to go for school.

Our Hope

This program will help to develop children may get education. In future there is no question of unemployment, illiteracy in the area where we could support as much as we can .


Creating the job opportunites for the community of Trishaw Driver in Yangon

Our Mission :

What we strongly believe and understand that What we are doing in Tourism Industry Of Country should not be our self-profit as well self-benefit . Every benefit and opportunities we gain should be shared with those who are working with us in the places where we are working :

So We, Charity Team Of Panoramic Myanmar Travel ” Work Together , Grow Together & Care Together are determined to create more job opportunities for Trishaw Drivers who ususally serve foreing visitors by drving around the city center of Yangon .

Responsible Travel

Our Mission :

Creating the tourism related job opportunities for Trishaw Drivers in Yangon is to fully support the needy families of this community .

1- For the hope of giving more chance to Trishaw Drivers to get higher incomes so as to provide better support to their families

2- For the hope of budiling self-confidece in the mind of Trishaw Drivers so as to shape the better future of their lives

3- For the  purpose of educating the people on the street to make them understand how to serve foreign visitors with their heart and confidence .