Brief Information

Kalaw is situated in Shan State, Myanmar. Which is a popular hill station of Myanmar. It is a peaceful and quiet place. It is well known trekking destination offering walks throughout the region, including to the famous Inle Lake.


How to get around  town ?

Being a fairly small town (though spread out among the hills), and you can get almost anywhere within a 20-30min walk, though most won’t venture more than a block or so from the main part of town.


There are a couple of places in town that will rent you a bicycle.  Keep in mind that a little town of Kalaw is not a flat place, so if you’re not used to riding on hills, it might not be the best option.  Mountain bikes are available for rent near the intersection with the traffic light near the market.

Motorbike Taxi

If you’re looking to get to a nearby town (like Aungban) a motorbike taxi can also help you out.  Negotiate your rate before you hop on, and make a decision on whether or not you would like them to wait for you there and bring you back when you’re finished.

Things to see in Kalaw

  • Aung Chantha Zedi
  • Hnee Paya ( Bamboo Bouddha Image)

Acitivities outside Kalaw

Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp

This Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp provides a home for animals that can no longer work, or are disabled.  The camp itself is about 45min from Kalaw by car, and it ends up being a full-day activity.

4×4 Tour 

Care to see some more of the beautiful Shan Hills but don’t want to trek?  There are some services like Ride behind the Kalaw which offers a 4×4 Tour experience starting around 100000k for a full day.  These tours are seasonal, and typically not available in the rainy season (for obvious reasons).

 Trekking in Kalaw

More than anything, this is what Kalaw is known for, especially the multi-day “Kalaw to Inle Lake” trek.  The temperatures and beautiful scenery of “Pineland” make Kalaw ideal for little treks, especially given its proximity to other popular sites on the tourist track. There are several kinds of trekking programs like day return program, 2 days/1 night and 3 days/2nights programs so that you can choose according to your length of stay.

How to get to Kalaw


Day and night buses roll through Kalaw every day from nearly every location in Myanmar.


Train service is available once or twice a day, but as with all train rides in this country. It’s particularly slow and shaken.

Train tickets can be purchased at the train station around 25 minutes before the train arrives.


Several flights arrive daily to the Heho airport (Driving Hours – nearly 1 hr) – from Yangon, Mandalay, Nyaung U and others.

Distance from Heho to Kalaw – 37.8 km (about an hour driving)