General Information

Bhamo is a quiet town on the banks of the Irrawaddy in southern Kachin State. Most people fly here from other parts of Myanmar, but it can also be reached by boat on a picturesque (and slow) journey from Mandalay or Katha – which includes perhaps the river’s most scenic stretch, the Second Defile

From 1869 to 1879, The a little town was the seat of British colonial Assistant political agent which subordinate with the King of Ava. Bhamo has been a trading center of Myanmar that for many years and was an important meeting point on the way to China. In 1935, The town situated at the highest point of the terminus for the good changing between India and Burma, by which jade was brought from China. Explore Bhamo, you will be overwhelmed with a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. However, you can still experience its hustle and bustle as it is home to a vibrant daily market. Also, Bhamo has become the hub of fir commerce and trade with China’s Yunnan province.

Bhamo Attraction

Being one of the best Myanmar attractions, Bhamo offers an opportunity for tourists to indulge in the stunning view of natural scenery as well as discover interesting spots. Visiting well-known pagodas is an exciting experience that should not be missed on any trips to Bhamo. Theindawgyi and Shwe Kyinna Pagoda are the two most outstanding pagodas in Bhamo that tourist often visited most in the town.


Theindawgyi Pagoda

Around 46 km from the town of Bhamo is the Thai-influence Theindawgyi pagoda which is said to be home to a tooth relic of the Buddha. It is supposed to be built in the 3rd century Bc by King Ashoka of India. The pagoda features a gilded stupa designed with an elongated bell-shape. Traveling to Theindawgyi Pagoda, you can gain a perfect view of old monk statues stand across a pond from the pagoda’s southeast and a statue which is set among the lotus pond with its snake-shape base.

From Bhamo, keep going about 6 km toward the north, you will see Shwe Kyina Pagoda. the historical pagoda shapes two gold-topped stupas which mark the site of Sampanago, the 5th century Shan city. the section of the campus in the pagoda is when you can discover many things about golden pagodas in the country.

Note that while Bhamo itself is secure and can be reached without a permit, access to surrounding areas is highly restricted due to ongoing conflict.