Myitkyina is the capital and centrally located in the Kachin State. It is the northern most railway terminal, 919 miles from Yangon and 487 miles from Mandalay. Visitors can tour the Myit Sone, the confluence of Maikha and Malikha Streams. Ayeyarwady, the most useful river in Myanmar has its source from this confluence and flows 1325 miles to the mouth of the river. The water over here is crystal clear. 

The panoramic view of the scenario at Myit Sone with the unspoiled beauty of nature is beyond the expression of words and will definitely be a fine attraction to tourists. Myitkyina can be reached by road, rail, river and air. Different tribes of national races live in harmony with their own cultures, customs, dialects, dances and lifestyles. The glittering costumes with silver trinkets of the charming Kachin belles would be an enchanting sight. For souvenir the Kachin woollen bag with silver trinkets would be a memorable gift. The overland trade route to India and China and World War II supply line to China along the Ledo Road pass through Myitkyina. For mountaineering enthusiasts, expeditions to Mount Khaka Bo Razi and Mount Gam Lan Razi would be an adventure.At the edge of the town, by the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy, gold-painting and mining goes on relentlessly day and night. Abotu 25 miles to the north of the town, is some of Myanmar’s most beautiful and important natural beauty spots, in the cradle of the Ayeyarwaddy, where Maykha and Malikha rivers meet, usually called the Myit-son.


Inndawgyi Pagoda
Ma Naw Festival

Myitkyna Attractions

The name of Myitkyina means “near the big river” in Burmese, and Myitkyina is located on the west bank of the Ayeyarwady River, just under 40 km (25 miles) from Myit-son (means “confluence ” in Burmese) of the first two upstream rivers (Mali and N’mai). The population of Myitkyina is about 150,000 people. Ethnic groups include Burmese, Chinese, and Indian. Kachin is the common language in the nearby regions, but Burmese is still the universal language. The city has Myitkyina University and Myitkyina airport. The most popular religion is Buddhism, Catholicism and other religions such as Animism, Hinduism and Islam are also practiced.

Myitkyina Produce market

Markets in Asia are always the best places to get a glimpse of the life of the local people. Base on the level of size and vibration that we could know about the local economy and standard of living. Myitkyna market is one of the best attraction in Myitkyina situated on the tranquil riverside that you could reach by a boat trip. Traveling to Mytkyna market, you will set foot on a lively market that is relatively large. Myitkyina market is where people sell a variety of products and goods, from vegetable to seafood, from daily equipment to meat and many more. Additionally, the market in Myitkyna is where you will catch the image of Burmese women putting on Thanakha make-up, a traditional make-up powder of Burmese people dating back to a thousand years ago.

Kachin State Cultural Museum

For those visitors who are interested in discovering the culture of Myanmar, Kachin State Cultural Museum is one of the best Myitkyina’s attractions. It is a great destination to visit in Myitkyina that would give an exciting display of Kachin State. There are an array of national races, traditional dresses, looms, silverware, jewelry, musical instrument and more. Besides, the museum in Myitkina is also where tourists can find an array of Buddha images from Pyu-era cities in central Myanmar.

Hsu Taung Pye Zedidaw Pagoda

The gilded pagoda is the most beautiful religious site and famous attraction in Myitkyna sitting on the bank of Irrawaddy River. This is one of the most popular places in Myitkyna that local people come for worship. Hsu Taung Pye Zedidaw Pagoda is home to a golden stupa, a standing Buddha image, and a reclining Buddha image.


About 25 km toward the north of Myitkyina, Myit-Sone located at the point where Mayhkha and Malikha Rivers comes together to meet Irrawaddy. It is a local delightful spot in the list of Myitkyina attractions where tourists can behold the natural beauty and enjoy the nice breeze from the riverside at the confluence. That’s where often visited by the Burmese and Chinese from Yunan. The oldest religious site of Myit Sone: Catholic shrine of Mother Mary can be found eastward of the river. in addition, the is a pagoda that has been erected recently offers more places for visitors to discover. Together with sightseeing, tourists traveling to Myit Sone from Myitkyina will have a chance to savor the local food of Kachin one the side of the river. Kachine cuisine is a great combination of local with Myanmar, China, and Arunachal Pradesh. It characterized by rice – the main ingredient in the meal of almost countries in Asia. Upon here, let’s try the famous Shat Jam, Kachin traditional mixed rice made from boiled rice, mushroom, beans, and also chicken, pork or beef. Additionally, there are many mouth-watering curries and spicy food that will definitely satisfy your empty stomach!