What to shop in Myanmar
What to shop in Myanmar

Travel Tips For Shopping in Myanmar

There are so many interesting and unique items to shop in Myanmar like lacquer ware, local textiles, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, paintings, and various souvenir articles. However, with first-timers taking Burma tours, shopping might be a bit challenging. Panoramic Myanmar Tours suggests practical ideas regarding what to shop in Myanmar and useful tips for those want to make a nice deal. 

What to shop in Myanmar ?

What to shop in Myanmar
Lacquerware Factory in Myanmar


It’s a popular purchase that can be made into the forms of cups, bowls and vases. Bagan is a good place to shop beautiful lacquerware with great variation and price. Just pay attention to the quality of the items you are going to buy for there might be fraudulent commodities. Genuine lacquerware is engraved with natural colors of sand, stone and flowers. In contrast, fake ones are painted. 

Myanmar Rubies

Rubies & Gem Stones

Don’t be surprised if you find low-priced jade, rubies and other gemstones in Myanmar, for the country itself is a great miner of precious stones. The finest rubies are mostly available in Yangon, where only reputable shops are worth your money. Be aware of fake stones sold by street vendors.

What to shop in Myanmar
Myanmar Longyi

Myanmar Longyi

Longyi is a sheet of traditional cloth worn by both genders everywhere you can see in Myanmar. If you think it’s awkward for your male families or friends to accept this special souvenir, give it to your female friends instead, they’ll definitely love it. Silk shops around the country have fine materials to make longyi, the pattern of which is at your choice and the price depends on your ability to haggle.

What to shop in Myanmar
Myanmar Handicrafts at Bo Gyoke Market in Yangon

Myanmar Handicrafts

Folk dolls, coconut masks, leather bags, wood carvings and thing alike are popular souvenirs that Myanmar is proud of. The traditional skill makes these folk works remarkable piece to buy. It’s also a major reason to support the tradition and low-income families. 

What to shop in Myanmar
Gold Leaf Factory in Mandalay

Gold Leaf

You may notice that Buddha images or stupas in Myanmar are gilded with gold leaves, which are also widely sold at tourist cities. Mandalay’s lacquerware shops have the biggest supply for genuine gold leaves that are thin squares packaged in sets of 5 to 10 leaves.

Expert Advice For Shopping in Myanmar

1. The real old Buddha images/statues and archaeological artifacts are not allowed for taking out of the country, 

2. Be mindful that authority controlling trade standard doesn’t exist in Myanmar, which means a thorough check of the goods you buy is necessary to apply. 

3. The transaction is made when you agree the price. 

4. Nyaung U Market in Bagan is a bustling center for visitors to buy things ranging from daily fresh goods to custom longyi. It’s an ideal place to mingle with the locals and learn their lifestyle!

5. The floating village in Inle Lake has unique souvenirs that are quite ‘Myanmar’.

6. In Yangon, the well-known Bogyoke Aung San Market is where shopping can be a fun thing to do. Great bargains can be made here. 

7. Official certificate of the jewel is needed when passing the customs. 

8. Shops inside the hotels may store interesting articles, have a go.

9. Most Myanmar markets are open on Sundays and closed on Mondays. During Buddhist Lent Festival, which normally includes August October, all Myanmar markets are closed on full moon days.

10. If you need more specific ideas about shopping in Myanmar, your private tour guide would love to share his mind.

You may enjoy a pleasant shopping experience in Myanmar with this sample itinerary given below! Surely, you can also directly contact us for a custom Indochina tour based on your own interest.