Myanmar Travel Tips that you should know before your holiday to Myanmar ? Get yourself ready and confident to plan your trip to Myanmar with our  travel tips that cover everything from health to currency, shopping to WiFi. Want to know whether you should tip at restaurants? Or where you can find ATMs? Or how

Exploring Dala Township definitely is one of the highlights when visiting Yangon, Myanmar. Located across the Yangon River, life there is completely opposite to the busy city center. Rather than modern skyscrapers and colonial buildings, there are colorful fishing boats and houses which can only really be described as shacks. A small fishing village in

Anyone seeking a culinary adventure will find Myanmar a good place to explore, as it has many unique dishes and ingredients awaiting discovery. Internationally, food from Myanmar has been much less popular than that from its neighbors such as Thailand, China, or India. This is to be expected, as Myanmar was a closed country for

Travel Tips For Shopping in Myanmar There are so many interesting and unique items to shop in Myanmar like lacquer ware, local textiles, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, paintings, and various souvenir articles. However, with first-timers taking Burma tours, shopping might be a bit challenging. Panoramic Myanmar Tours suggests practical ideas regarding what to shop in

When traveling to any new country, knowledge of local etiquette will be essential for interacting with local people. This is absolutely true in Myanmar, where many local customs are unique, and unheard of in the west. Being a foreigner, you will be excused for many things, but you can avoid offending locals unnecessarily by knowing

Getting a visa for traveling  to Myanmar (Burma) is not too difficult like before  . It is because of  Government’s eVisa program. Under the program, passport holders of around 100 countries can apply for their tourist visas through online . Who can apply for a Myanmar tourist visa through online ? Passport holders of around

What is Yangon ? Yangon a beautiful and vibrant city, and contrary to what many people believe, it is not Myanmar’s capital, however, it is Myanmar’s former capital. Yangon is Myanmar’s largest city, and filled with busy traffic, street markets and enough to see and to eat to last you for days. Wander around the

Looking for fun things in Yangon, Myanmar ? the best places for foods and a visit . Whether you travel with group or friends or travel alone . It has something for every visitors. Being a local as well as experienced tour operator in Yangon , Myanmar , let me give you the top travel

Myanmar has changed rapidly over the last few years since the advent of mass tourism to the country. While the country is fast-developing, it’s important to remember that everything you’d expect at home is often not available in Myanmar. Pack accordingly and you’ll be able to travel stress-free. Remember that Myanmar is a developing country

About Myanmar Geography: Myanmar area covers 675,000 square km Capital: Nay Pyi Taw (Naypyidaw) – new CapitalBorder:  Share border with China (2186 km), Laos (236 km), Thailand (1080 km)Bangladesh (193 km) and India (1463 km).Coastline: 1930 km surrounded by the Andaman Sea to the Bay of Bengal.Currency: Kyat. 1 USD = 1,020 kyatClimate: Three seasons,

How to travel to Myanmar ? Read the guide to Myanmar Transportation for you to understand before you travel to Myanmar . Off course ,The most common way for travelers to enter Myanmar is by air. Most of international flights land at Yangon Airport, and Bangkok with frequent connecting flights to Yangon is a popular