Guide to Myanmar Transportation
Guide to Myanmar Transportation

How to travel to Myanmar ?

Read the guide to Myanmar Transportation for you to understand before you travel to Myanmar . Off course ,The most common way for travelers to enter Myanmar is by air. Most of international flights land at Yangon Airport, and Bangkok with frequent connecting flights to Yangon is a popular choice for air transfer. Besides, many other Asian cities have direct flights to Yangon, including Chiengmai of Thailand, Phnom Penh of Cambodia, Singapore, Dhaka of Bangladesh, Kolkata, Delhi, and Gaya of India, Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kunming, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Nanning of China, Seoul of South Korea, Tokyo of Japan, as well as Doha of Qatar.Travelers can also choose to fly to Mandalay from Bangkok or Chiang Mai in Thailand, Kunming in China, or Singapore.

There are a small number of border crossings that allow land travelers to enter Myanmar from Thailand or China.


Types Of Transportation in Myanmar ?

There are different types of transport to travel around Myanmar . Below are the list of transports in Myanmar .

1- Public City Bus

It is very cheap to catch the  pubic city bus in Yangon . it will cost only 200 MMK ( Local currency )But it will be a bit  challenging and yet easy.  What makes it challenging and unlike any other country to date is the fact the signs are written in Burmese and there is no English translation. The Burmese number system is also in Burmese so you’ll see characters you’ve never seen before. This makes reading bus stop signs and bus numbers a challenge and you will need the help of your hotel to either translate the characters for you or give you directions. It is quite an experience though and I highly recommend it for those who are interested in local culture and having a deeper experience

Guide to Myanmar Transportation
Public Bus in Yanogn

2- Overnight Highway Bus

Taking overnight bus will cost around USD$ 08 to 15 based on different categories of bus – For example : bus with regular seats and First Class Bus with VIP Seats including  free bottled water, toothbrush and a rest stop break with restroom and dining facilities.

There are three alternatives for travelers:
a) Air-conditioned bus with 48 seats;
b) VIP luxury bus with 27 seats;

First Class Bus with VIP Seats

3- Private Taxi

In cities like Yangon and Mandalay, a lot of taxis are available on the streets, usually the second-hand car from Japan. Before The taxis are designed without taximeter, so you need to bargain with the driver before getting on. The cost of going to an attraction in the city generally is within 2,000 Kyats. In addition, the taxis are mostly private, so they also undertake chartering car business. You can charter a taxi to travel around the city, and you need to come to an agreement with the driver on price in advance. Generally the price of chartering a taxi in Bagan and Mandalay is about 30,000 Kyats for a day.

Nowadays Meter Taxi in Yangon and Mandalay are already employed and introduced by International Meter Taxi Service like GRAB .

Grab is a Singapore-based firm, with a business model that emerged from the notoriously difficult Malaysian taxi market. Grab has been available in Yangon since March 2016. The company’s app is comprehensive, intuitive and reliable in displaying nearby drivers and providing quick and accurate wait times. The company gives the option of card payment and allows you to schedule future rides and save favorite routes. There is also a responsive support function.

Additionally , there are some useful tips for hiring taxi in Yangon .

here are my top six tips when catching a cab.

TIP 1: Always agree upon a fare before getting inside

It happens to the best of us. We are amazed, confused or simply shocked by what’s happening around us so we quickly seek refuge and jump in the closest cab without any discussion. Unfortunately, once the doors are closed and the driver darts through the busy streets you’ve lost all bargaining position and could expect another 1000 or more kyats added onto your fare.

TIP 2: Make sure you know the address (and the taxi does too)

Unfortunately we haven’t been blessed with the miracles of GPS so it’s really important that you know exactly where you are going. Apart from knowing the streets try to get some more details of your location – a phone number, a landmark or major intersection nearby for example. There’s nothing worse than being trapped in a taxi with a driver frantically calling his taxi friends trying to find out what street to turn into next. It might not cost you kyats, but it will cost you precious time.

TIP 3: Approach the taxi using as much local language as possible

Now, I’m not claiming Myanmar is an easy language to master but a little practice can go a long way. Not only does it show respect for the local culture, it also gives the impression of a well-informed foreigner. Approach a taxi with English and what immediately follows is the driver cheerfully claiming he’s either been to your country, has relatives in your country or thinks your country is really beautiful and will one day live there – all valid conversation starters but they come at a cost. Your 2000 kyat ride just got bumped up to 4000 kyats.

However, you don’t have to stop there. The taxi is also the best language exchange class on wheels so take advantage of it!

TIP 4: Counter with the lowest possible price

Since most things in Yangon are negotiable, starting low is all part of the game. Don’t be shy or feel ashamed to try this tip. Besides, if they think you’ve gone too low they usually just laugh it off or simply keep driving – no harm done.Usually taxis meet in the middle but if the driver suspects a newbie then you can expect him to start at a ridiculously high price, thus anchoring the desired final price.

How can you know the lowest possible price? I’ve noticed for a short distance of up to 3 kilometers the price is currently around 1500 kyats. Any kilometerafter that is another 500 kyats give or take. So, by knowing the distance I can usually estimate what my fare would cost and determine the overall value. The key word here is estimate, and have fun with it.

TIP 5: Avoid hailing a taxi directly outside a well known spot

A hotel, bar, shopping mall or famous eating joint is the perfect fishing hole for a cabbie to reel in his catch of the day. Hoping that you’re tired, in a rush or had one too many they’ve prepared jaw dropping and somewhat humorous prices! Simply say no (repeatedly) and walk to the next corner and get a more decent price.

TIP 6: Don’t pay for gimmicks or excuses

They defy logic, make you laugh or simply make you mad! Excuses or reasons that add on to the fee are plenty however here are the main culprits.

  • Traffic:  Traffic is the most commonly used reason for a spike in the fare and it’s generally the hardest to negotiate with. Unless you are absolutely sure there is no traffic on the way it’s best to take this one on the chin. Otherwise you can always try to bring it down a notch.
  • Rain:  For a monsoon nation somehow taxi drivers develop a phobia for rain and passengers have to pay a price. The logic behind this one is mindboggling if anyone can explain it I’d love to know why. There’s absolutely no one to be punished for.
  • Airconditioner: Another great one and possibly the funniest. Maybe drivers view it as a value-added fee for boarding a modern taxi but asking for air-con can sometimes add another 1000 kyat or more onto the fare. Why? –well apparentlyswitching on the air-con might drain the car’s fuel or that the air con unit will need to be re-gassed. The fact is this: if the air-conditioner does use up fuel its very, very minimal and the air conditioner unit typically needs gets re-gassed every 2 years. Don’t fall for this one, move one to someone more sensible
Yangon Travel Guide
Taxi in Yangon

4- Water Transport

Fast and slow boats between Mandalay and Bagan are available in peak tourist season; the former always depart at 7 am from Mandalay and at 6 am from Bagan, arriving at 4:30 pm early or later depending on water level of the different months .Note that both the two won’t run in rainy season ( during the low seaon )

5- Boat tour on Inle Lake

The only way to tour Inle Lake is by boat. The reason most travelers visit Inle Lake is to see the Burmese fishermen steering with their feet. . You can hire a private boat. Hiring the private boat for normal sightseeing around the lake will cost around 22,000 MMK ( USD$ 14 or 15 ) for the maximum group size of 05 person .

6- Train Travel

Although overland train travel into Myanmar is not possible, you can enjoy train travel to get around inside of Myanmar.  I’ve heard taking the Burmese train is breathtakingly scenic, albeit occasionally rocky. Cabins range from simple wooden benches to cushion seats and overnight sleepers (exclusively from Yangon to Bagan)

Guide to Myanmar Transportation
Overnight Train in Myanmar

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